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Borrower requirements
  • You must be 18+
  • Reside in the SA and have a valid ID
  • Provide proof of your income
  • Have an active checking account
  • Bank account
  • Credit or Debit card
Contact information
Phone number: 0861 346 246
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If you are in need of a loan in South Africa, it may be a good idea to look into FinChoice Loans. This company is registered by the Financial Services Board of South Africa, and they offer a wide variety of loans at competitive rates. Moreover, they require a credit check and affordability assessment, and they offer a personal protection plan to keep you financially secure.

Loan parameters
  • Loan amount
    R500 - R40,000
  • Interest
  • Term
    1 - 24 months
  • Age
    18+ years

Paying off more expensive expenses

If you want to borrow some cash, FinChoice is a great place to start. With a range of financial products and services, you should have no trouble finding something that suits your needs.

The best way to go about choosing a loan is to compare rates from different lenders. Some companies offer loans with high interest rates. To be on the safe side, you may also want to check out their services that offer payment plans.

For the money that you borrow from a company like FinChoice, you can rest assured that the service will be delivered as promised. Aside from a variety of financing options, they also provide assistance if you have any issues with your payments. They have a great customer support team that’s more than happy to help.

In addition to loans, FinChoice offers other financial services such as a personal protection plans. You’ll be able to take advantage of the free, online application for these and other financial products. Plus, they’re a registered credit provider, so you can be confident of their fair and honest business practices.

FinChoice provides loans of all sizes, including the short-term, and even a new car. You can choose to repay the loan over one, two or three months. However, if you need more time to pay it off, the loan can be extended for an additional six months.

Whether you need to purchase a new car, get a home renovation, or pay off a medical bill, FinChoice has a solution for you. Getting a loan is as simple as filling out an online form and providing some documents, and in some cases, you can have the money in your bank account in as little as 24 hours.

Offering a personal protection plan

FinChoice is one of the most popular loan providers in South Africa. They offer flexible terms and competitive interest rates. Their loans are available for a variety of purposes, including debt repayment, purchasing a new car, and medical expenses.

A personal protection plan is offered with all of FinChoice’s loan products. This protects you against unforeseen circumstances, such as incapacity, job loss, or death.

The cost of the Personal Protection Plan depends on your risk profile. It is based on your income, credit history, and other factors.

To apply for a FinChoice loan, you must be a South African citizen, employed, and have a bank account. You must also have a valid ID. In addition, you will need a cell phone number.

Finchoice will assess your affordability, and determine a payment plan that fits your needs. If you are approved for a loan, it will be transferred to your bank account in a matter of 24 hours. Your lender will monitor your bank account to ensure that you have enough funds to make your payments.

If you are interested in a loan with FinChoice, you can apply online or via their mobile application. Using this application, you can pay your loan by monthly instalments, or in one lump sum.

FinChoice is a trusted name in South Africa, and they have been in business for many years. They have a call center and a website that is easy to navigate. Customers can also download a self-service feature to manage their accounts.

Requiring a credit check and affordability assessment

In addition to offering affordable and flexible loans, FinChoice also performs a credit check on all applicants. The company’s goal is to provide a responsible service to South Africans.

To assess whether you qualify for a FinChoice loan, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a permanent job. You should also be able to prove your monthly income.

The company will also want to know your bank account information and other financial details. They will look at your debt to income ratio, as well as your understanding of your rights.

A lender will usually want to see three months’ worth of bank statements. This includes the dates of any withdrawals and deposits. Some creditors will accept an employer’s letter as proof of income.

Although it is not required, it is always a good idea to have a copy of your ID with you. Your lender will be more likely to grant you a loan if they are able to confirm your identity.

If you need extra cash, it is important to find a responsible lender who will give you the best offer possible. Getting a quick loan may be a quick solution to a financial emergency, but you could end up paying an expensive interest rate.

Most South African creditors will perform a credit check and affordability assessment. These checks are meant to ensure that the borrower can afford the loan, as well as ensure that the lender is not risking the borrower’s future financial wellbeing.

Affordability assessments are required by the National Credit Act. This act was enacted to encourage responsible lending and to protect consumers. It also provides a fine for reckless lending.

Offering a fixed interest rate

FinChoice Loans is a South African loan company that offers a competitive interest rate. It has been in the lending business for over five years.

FinChoice is a financial services provider registered with the National Credit Regulator. The company has a large customer base and provides loans to both new and existing customers.

They have a range of financial products, from short term loans to long term ones. They also provide assistance for people who have trouble with their repayments.

Their website is easy to use and has a wealth of information about their products. There is a helpful FAQ section as well.

FinChoice is a reliable and reputable lender. Aside from loans, they also offer funeral plans, funeral policies, and other financial services.

As one of the biggest lenders in the country, FinChoice provides a number of convenient loan options for people looking to get their hands on cash. These loan options include the flexiloan, which is a short term loan that can be used to cover unexpected expenses.

To qualify for a loan, you’ll need to be a South African citizen and have a job that pays at least R2000. You’ll also need to have an active bank account.

In addition to the flexiloan, FinChoice offers personal and short-term loans. With a personal loan, you can borrow up to R40,000 and repay it over 12 to 24 months.

They’re a great way to meet unexpected expenses. Some loan providers charge high rates on small amounts, so it’s important to find the best deal.

They even have a handy self-service facility that makes it easy to manage your account. If you need help with your loan, you can contact FinChoice consultants.

FinChoice also has a Personal Protection Plan, which provides coverage in the event that you lose your job or become unable to work due to injury or illness. Depending on your situation, you will be able to choose the amount of protection you need.

You can apply for a FinChoice loan if you are 18 years or older, have a permanent job, and are a South African citizen. You will be required to submit an ID number, a cell phone number, and a bank account.

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